Product safety – for us, it’s personal.

We’re passionate about what we do, and we care about making products to improve health and wellbeing for everyone – including our own loved ones.
We all need products that work for us, and we need them to be safe. Safe for our bodies, but also safe for the planet.​ And we get the value of transparency about what goes inside them – it’s what we’d expect, too. ​ 

Each of the following pillars is represented by an Essity Product Safety employee. Meet the people who work every day to keep you safe.

Our 5 pillars of protection

A portrait photo of Maria

1. Suppliers

Maria helps us find safe and sustainable suppliers, ensuring we work only with the best – for products that are safe and environmentally responsible.

A portrait photo of Gunilla

2. Materials

We only use the best materials to make our products. Gunilla oversees the process of checking each one thoroughly to make sure they’re safe.  

A portrait photo of Peter

3. Testing

It’s Peter’s job to help test our products over and over again, making sure they’re safe for you and the environment.

A portrait photo of Jay

4. Production

Our seamless production process allows us to consistently create high-quality products. Jay helps oversee how our products are made.

A portrait photo of Jennie

5. Ongoing consumer contact

Jennie monitors our products to make sure they remain safe, even after they leave the factory.

Our products

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