Making a better mark

TENA are committed to reduce  the carbon footprint for products or services  by 2030. One step to achieve this is by switching to electricity from renewable sources such as e.g. water, wind or sun, in our factories in Europe. The electricity in our factories is purchased externally and is certified with guarantees of origin. These certificates are not created by us, but are issued by external institutes like the European Electricity Certification System (EECS)  to secure credibility. By doing so we support the development of renewable electricity on all markets.

A man and two women, all with a TENA employee lanyard around their neck, looking past the camera, smiling.


Two windmills on the crest of a green hill. Clouds in the sky and mountains in the distance.

What is renewable electricity?

Renewable electricity comes from natural, low-carbon sources that nature continuously replaces. These are better for the environment and help reduce the impact of climate change. What are these sources, and how do we ensure that our electricity is really renewable?