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and Skin Care are two areas commonly linked to caregiving. Learn more how TENA, with over 40 years of experience, can help you in your caregiving.

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Incontinence liners for women

Discover TENA´s range of discreet protection for light bladder leakage and light urine leaks especially designed for women. The incontinence panty liners come in different lengths, colors and absorbency levels so you can find the liner that works best for you. They are thin like regular panty liners but surprisingly secure and quickly locks in leaks for great protection against occasional drops when exercising, sneezing or laughing. So thin you will hardly notice it is there, great to wear every day just in case, so that light urine leaks won´t keep you worried.

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TENA Discreet Regular Liners | Light Urinary Liners

The regular sized, 19 cm, liner in the TENA Discreet range

TENA Discreet Long Liners | Light Urinary Liners

The longer, 24 cm, liner for extra protection in the TENA Discreet range

Incontinence pads for women

Incontinence pads are designed to provide added protection against urine leaks. As leaks can occur at any time and place, these pads offer greater peace of mind, especially to those with difficulties using the bathroom. While adult diapers are suited to those with heavier urinary output, incontinence pads are helpful for those experiencing light urinary leakage. They can help you or your loved ones stay dry by drawing urine away from the skin. Moreover, they can be worn discreetly inside one’s undergarments with the help of an adhesive strip. At TENA, we seek to improve the quality of life for you and your loved ones through our adult incontinence products. Our pads are available in various lengths and absorbency levels. They also come with odour control capabilities and are dermatologically tested to be safe and gentle on the skin. If you are looking to find the right incontinence pads for you or your loved one, request a free sample to try today.

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TENA Discreet Regular Pad Non Wings | Light Urinary Pads

Discreet and secure pad for light to medium bladder weakness

TENA Discreet Regular Pad Wings | Light Urinary Pads

Discreet and secure pad with wings for light to medium bladder weakness

TENA Discreet Normal | Incontinence pad

Discreet and secure pad for medium bladder weakness

TENA Discreet Night Pad | Light Urinary Pads

TENA Discreet Night Pad is suitable for heavy leakage or overnight use

TENA Lady Super | Incontinence Pad

Incontinence pad designed for medium to heavy bladder weakness.

TENA Discreet Extra | Incontinence pad

Secure incontinence pad for medium, unexpected urine leaks.

Incontinence underwear for women

Beautifully discreet, TENAs range of women’s incontinence underwear are secure against urine leaks and odour. The feminine bladder weakness panties come in different styles, colours and sizes with freedom to match with clothes and occasions. The ideal solution for women with bladder leakage. Just like underwear. Protects like TENA.

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TENA Silhouette Plus High Waist Crème | Incontinence underwear

Just like underwear. Protects like TENA. High waist underwear designed for moderate to heavy bladder weakness.


TENA Absorbent Protector

Incontinence pads for men are a convenient solution for adult and elderly men who experience bladder leakage. These pads are highly absorbent and are usually designed to fit the contours of a masculine body comfortably and securely. While incontinence pants or diapers are usually used for heavy incontinence urine leakages, pads are good for moderate incontinence. This may be caused by strenuous exercise, mild prostate issues or weak bladder muscles. TENA Absorbent Protectors allow you to live an active, confident life while keeping in control of urine leakages. Our products have a boosted Secure Absorption Zone that locks in liquid efficiently, keeping your body and clothes dry and odour-free. For hygiene purposes, it is always best to change a soiled pad as soon as you can, or around 3 to 5 times a day. Our products are also engineered to be thin and discreet, with a cup-shaped design at the front and soft side elastics for ultimate comfort. Simply remove the adhesive covers and secure them onto your briefs or underwear for hours of urinary leak protection. Try our male incontinence pads today by requesting for a free sample!

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Incontinence pants for men

TENA's incontinence pants for men have a masculine style and secure fit for reliable protection that is discreet and comfortable. The Secure Absorption Zone is positioned upfront where men need it most to effectively lock in leaks and odour. Designed to look just like regular boxer briefs, our incontinence pants for men come in different absorption levels, colors, styles and sizes so you can find the best product for your needs. No matter which incontinence pants you choose, you’ll enjoy discreet, comfortable and secure everyday protection against male urine leakage. Keep control and stay as active as you want with TENA bladder weakness pants made especially for guys.

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TENA Men Active Fit Pants | Incontinence pants for men

Pants designed for men, with protection where men need it most


Pull Up Pants for Adults

Pull up pants for adults are a type of diaper that can be worn by any adult experiencing urinary incontinence, no matter their age or gender. While urinary leakage may be commonly associated with older adults, many younger men and women may experience it too. This is usually attributed to having weak pelvic floor muscles, an overactive bladder, nerve damage or diabetes. Under TENA Singapore’s adult diaper collection, our incontinence pants are made to be easily slipped on just like underwear, providing maximum coverage against leaks all day long. This allows independent users to go about living an active life comfortably and confidently. Simply measure your waist and browse our sizes to select the most optimal fit for you. Our range of pull up pants keeps you feeling secure with moderate to heavy absorbency options. With FeelDry Advanced™ technology, our products are carefully designed to prevent urinary leakages while keeping you nice and dry. Our pants are also dermatologically approved by the Skin Health Alliance, ensuring softness and breathability for your skin. Looking to try our selection of pull up pants for adults? Request a free sample today!

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TENA Pants Normal | Incontinence pants

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Protection for medium to heavy urine leakage that fits just like underwear

TENA Pants Plus | Incontinence pants

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Designed for medium to heavy bladder leakage

TENA Pants Super | Incontinence pants

Try this

Designed for medium to heavy bladder weakness

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Diaper for Adults

Diapers for adults are designed for individuals with various conditions including mobility issues, incontinence, dementia or severe diarrhoea. They come in 2 different formats, mainly pull-up pants and resealable tape diapers. Resealable tape diapers may be more suitable for users who are sitting or lying down most of the time as it is easier for caregivers to change them. On the flipside, users that go out and about may prefer pull-up pants as they are designed to be worn like regular stretchy underwear, allowing for greater independence. TENA is the leading brand for adult incontinence products globally. Our diapers for adults are suitable for both men and women with heavy incontinence. Accredited by the Skin Health Alliance, our products have been verified by skin health experts to be skin-friendly. They also provide triple protection for dryness, softness and leakage security to preserve healthy skin. Additionally, we use the FeelDry Advanced™ technology to ensure greater absorption and superior dryness. To ensure maximum comfort and hygiene, it is advised to change diapers around 3 - 5 times a day. Experience our products firsthand today by requesting for free product samples in discreet packaging.

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TENA Value

TENA Value all-in-one diaper offers 2X the absorbency that the wearer's needs. It is specially designed for semi-mobile/bed-ridden users in South East Asia.

TENA Slip Plus | Adult diaper

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Protection for medium to heavy urine leakage

TENA Slip Super | Adult diaper

Try this

Protection for heavy urine leakage

TENA Slip Maxi | Adult diaper

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Protection for heavy to very heavy urine leakage

Fixation pants

The TENA range of washable and reusable fixation pants holds incontinence products securely in place. Regardless if it’s smaller pads or large, shaped incontinence pads, the fixation pants hold the pad in place to reduce the risk of urine leakage while maximising comfort. The range vary from net or mesh pants, primarily intended for short-time use, to underwear-like cotton mixtures, for comfortable daily use. TENA’s fixation pants have a stretchy unisex design to minimise pressure points, yet a reliable fixation and a great fit. To maximise the usage of the reusable fixation pants, they can all be washed at 60 degrees and tumble-dried on low to medium heat. Doing so, they can be worn again and again without losing shape.

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TENA Fix | Incontinence fixation pants

A reusable and breathable fixation pant for securing large, shaped incontinence pads.

Disposable Underpads

Disposable underpads are sheets placed on mattresses and other furniture to protect them from urine leaks and prevent stains. These highly absorbent pads are useful for adults and the elderly who experience incontinence and bed wetting. They are convenient, made for easy one-time use and are generally more hygienic than washable underpads. At TENA Singapore, our disposable bed pads will ensure that your mattress remains clean, dry and odour-free for hours on end. With extremely absorbent cores, our adult underpads lock in liquid effectively and distribute it evenly for better dryness. This also keeps urine away from the rest of the user’s skin and clothes, allowing for greater comfort as they rest. Made from premium quality materials, our pads are designed with the user in mind. Our products are breathable, soft and gentle to the skin, ensuring hours of comfort for you or your loved one. If you or a loved one is experiencing urine leaks or heavy incontinence, choose comfort and security with TENA’s wide range of incontinence products. Browse our selection online or request a free sample today!

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TENA Underpad Plus

TENA Underpad Plus is designed to protect against leakage on beds, chairs and other surfaces.

TENA Hygiene | Incontinence Sheet

Disposable protective sheets for beds and chairs

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Skincare & cleansing

Cleansing Wipes & Creams

A good cleansing routine is key to prevent skin irritation. Choose from the wide range of cleansing wet wipes, dry wipes, cloths, cleansers, wash mousse and other cleansing incontinence skin care products. The cleansing products from TENA are a gentle alternative to soap and water. They gently cleanse and protect even the most delicate and fragile skin. All products are carefully developed for incontinence care, ideal when changing incontinence products or for full body cleansing in bed or in the washroom. Great for frequent cleansing when soap and water may otherwise dry the skin. While absorbing products reduce the skin’s contact with moisture, our skin care assortment takes care of gentle cleansing and skin protection. TENA cleansing products are especially gentle for fragile skin, but always effective. All wipes are designed and appropriately sized for adults. Find the incontinence cleansing product that is best for your needs and keep the skin fresh, clean and healthy.

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TENA Wet Wipes

A wet wipe that cleanses, restores, and protects elderly skin

TENA ProSkin Shampoo Cap

Gentle shampoo & conditioner in a disposable cap

TENA ProSkin Wash Cream | Tube

Cleanses, protects and moisturizes fragile aging skin

TENA ProSkin Wash Gloves | With Lining

Convenient dry wash glove for daily body cleansing

TENA ProSkin Wash Cream

Cleanses, protects and moisturizes fragile aging skin

Adult Diaper Cream

Adult diaper creams are typically used by adults and seniors who experience painful, red and irritated or inflamed skin around the private area. Irritations typically form after prolonged exposure to bacteria in warm, moist environments. They are thus commonly experienced by adults who use pads or diapers and do not change them often enough. It is recommended that incontinence pads and diapers are changed at least 3 - 5 times a day. At TENA Singapore, our adult diaper creams are suitable for adults and seniors living with incontinence. Endorsed by the Skin Health Alliance, our creams are soothing and gentle on the skin. They provide both prevention and treatment for diaper irritations, and can be used on a regular basis. We offer hospital-grade creams that provide lasting skin protection and moisturisation, prevent skin breakdown and irritation, and prevent skin from drying: Barrier Cream – a water-repellent cream ideal for prevention and protection against rashes and sores Zinc Cream – a soothing, non-greasy treatment cream that reduces redness and irritation of sensitive skin. Contains zinc oxide, the most effective over-the-counter (OTC) solution for diaper irritations Our barrier and zinc creams are free from perfume and preservatives, making them ideal for maintaining skin health and protecting your sensitive skin. Apply the creams after a bath or in between diaper changes to provide round-the-clock protection from diaper-related skin irritation. TENA is dedicated to providing the best health and hygiene products for adults of all ages. Browse our diaper rash creams below!

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TENA ProSkin Zinc Cream

Extra protection and care with 10% zinc oxide

TENA ProSkin Barrier Cream

Soothing cream ideal for irritated and sensitive skin