We choose to care – for people, and for the planet.

Here at TENA, we choose to spend each day looking for new and better ways to care. We always have, and we always will. But caring for people also means caring for our planet. In these pages, you’ll discover how we feel about that responsibility, and how our sustainable choices are enabling us, and you, to truly make a better mark. 

Two hands, resting on a wooden table, gently cupping a small colorful globe showing the northern hemisphere.

Responsibility: What it means, in thought and action

It’s easy to make general claims about taking responsibility. But how does it really inform our culture and our products? Explore what responsibility means to us in the deepest sense, and how it translates into concrete actions to improve our impact on the planet. 


Making a better mark

Here at TENA, we’re taking an important step on our journey of care: switching to 100% renewable electricity at our factories. This single choice will reduce our carbon footprint by 6%, and bring us closer to our goal of cutting it in half by 2030. 

A man and two women, all with a TENA employee lanyard around their neck, looking past the camera, smiling.

Explore TENA achievements for more sustainable care