A confident, relaxed 50+ man poses in TENA pants.

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Engineered especially for men’s bodies, the TENA men range offer secure, discreet protection against incontinence. 

1 in 4 men over 40 experience involuntary urine leakage.

Male Urinary incontinence Prevalence Study, 2013 (US, UK, IT, FR, MX, RU).

Three 40+ men chatting in a gym changing room. One of them is wearing TENA Men pants in blue.

Keep control of urine leakage

Don’t let a few drips and dribbles affect your lifestyle. Find out more about  easy changes you can make to help keep control.

Introducing TENA Protectors

Watch the video to see how easy it is to use our discreet, secure pads. 

Introducing Washable protective boxers

Don't let a few drips and dribbles compromise your style. Watch the video to see how to wear our washable boxers with built-in protection against light leaks.

More about incontinence

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