Diapers and Incontinence Products for Women

Adult diapers for women are designed to provide protection against moderate to heavy . There are 2 main kinds of diapers suitable for adult and elderly women:

  • Pull up pants – stretchy and work just like underwear, perfect for women with active lifestyles
  • Slips with resealable tape – top pick amongst caregivers of women who are bedridden or have mobility issues

On the other hand, incontinence pads for women are specifically made for light to medium urine leakages. They are 10x drier* than regular sanitary pads and provide Triple Protection™ against leaks, odour and moisture.

Incontinence is more prevalent in women especially after pregnancy, childbirth and . Urinary or faecal leaks may be caused due to urinary tract infections, a weak bladder, or as a natural result of ageing.

TENA Singapore supports women with incontinence. Our range of adult diapers are accredited by the Skin Health Alliance, promising dermatologically approved softness, dryness and leakage security for all users. They are also made with FeelDry Advanced™ technology, locking moisture within the diaper, away from the user’s clothes and skin.

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*Based on in-house testing methods.

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Incontinence liners for women

Discover TENA´s range of discreet protection for light bladder leakage and light urine leaks especially designed for women. The incontinence panty liners come in different lengths, colors and absorbency levels so you can find the liner that works best for you. They are thin like regular panty liners but surprisingly secure and quickly locks in leaks for great protection against occasional drops when exercising, sneezing or laughing. So thin you will hardly notice it is there, great to wear every day just in case, so that light urine leaks won´t keep you worried.

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TENA Discreet Regular Liners | Light Urinary Liners

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The regular sized, 19 cm, liner in the TENA Discreet range

TENA Discreet Long Liners | Light Urinary Liners

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The longer, 24 cm, liner for extra protection in the TENA Discreet range

Incontinence pads for women

Incontinence pads are designed to provide added protection against urine leaks. As leaks can occur at any time and place, these pads offer greater peace of mind, especially to those with difficulties using the bathroom. While adult diapers are suited to those with heavier urinary output, incontinence pads are helpful for those experiencing light urinary leakage. They can help you or your loved ones stay dry by drawing urine away from the skin. Moreover, they can be worn discreetly inside one’s undergarments with the help of an adhesive strip. At TENA, we seek to improve the quality of life for you and your loved ones through our adult incontinence products. Our pads are available in various lengths and absorbency levels. They also come with odour control capabilities and are dermatologically tested to be safe and gentle on the skin. If you are looking to find the right incontinence pads for you or your loved one, request a free sample to try today.

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TENA Discreet Regular Pad Non Wings | Light Urinary Pads

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Discreet and secure pad for light to medium bladder weakness

TENA Discreet Regular Pad Wings | Light Urinary Pads

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Discreet and secure pad with wings for light to medium bladder weakness

TENA Discreet Normal | Incontinence pad

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Discreet and secure pad for medium bladder weakness

TENA Discreet Night Pad | Light Urinary Pads

TENA Discreet Night Pad is suitable for heavy leakage or overnight use

TENA Lady Super | Incontinence Pad

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Incontinence pad designed for medium to heavy bladder weakness.

TENA Discreet Extra | Incontinence pad

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Secure incontinence pad for medium, unexpected urine leaks.

Incontinence underwear for women

Beautifully discreet, TENAs range of women’s incontinence underwear are secure against urine leaks and odour. The feminine bladder weakness panties come in different styles, colours and sizes with freedom to match with clothes and occasions. The ideal solution for women with bladder leakage. Just like underwear. Protects like TENA.

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TENA Silhouette Plus High Waist Crème | Incontinence underwear

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Just like underwear. Protects like TENA. High waist underwear designed for moderate to heavy bladder weakness.

Pull Up Pants for Adults

Pull up pants for adults are a type of diaper that can be worn by any adult experiencing urinary incontinence, no matter their age or gender. While urinary leakage may be commonly associated with older adults, many younger men and women may experience it too. This is usually attributed to having weak pelvic floor muscles, an overactive bladder, nerve damage or diabetes. Under TENA Singapore’s adult diaper collection, our incontinence pants are made to be easily slipped on just like underwear, providing maximum coverage against leaks all day long. This allows independent users to go about living an active life comfortably and confidently. Simply measure your waist and browse our sizes to select the most optimal fit for you. Our range of pull up pants keeps you feeling secure with moderate to heavy absorbency options. With FeelDry Advanced™ technology, our products are carefully designed to prevent urinary leakages while keeping you nice and dry. Our pants are also dermatologically approved by the Skin Health Alliance, ensuring softness and breathability for your skin. Looking to try our selection of pull up pants for adults? Request a free sample today!

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TENA Pants Normal | Incontinence pants

Protection for medium to heavy urine leakage that fits just like underwear